BEHEMOTH - veröffentlichen Video zur neuen Single 'Bartzabel'




Bevor am Freitag das ungeduldig erwartete neue Album »I Loved You At Your Darkest« erscheint, legen BEHEMOTH heute das Video zur neuen Single 'Bartzabel' vor.

Chefdenker Nergal dazu: "'Bartzabel' is a song that came in the midst of a BEHEMOTH rehearsal... We had no structure, no vision - but piece by piece, it came to be, and we were extremely excited by the result. To us, it's the eye of the 'ILYAYD' storm: sonically calmer and slower than anything else on the record, but definitely one of the darkest!

Lyrically, we (myself and Krzysztof Azarewicz) were inspired by Aleister Crowley's conjuration of the Spirit of Mars - which the video, by our trusted friends in Grupa 13, depicts beautifully...I may even go as far to say that it's my favourite BEHEMOTH video of all time! I hope you all enjoy it, and we look forward to 'ILYAYD''s launch this Friday!"



Um das Album in verschiedenen Formaten, sowie die bereits erschienene 'God = Dog' exklusive 7" Picture Disc (vor)zubestellen, surft auf: http://nblast.de/BehemothILYAYD