CANNABIS CORPSE - Neues Album "Nug So Vile" & Musikvideo

Die kiffenden Stoner-Death-Metaller kündigen ihr neues Album "Nug So Vile" für den 1. November an und veröffentlichen dazu die Tracklist, das Cover-Artwork und die erste Single "Cylinders of Madness". Das animierte Musikvideo dazu  könnt ihr euch hier anschauen:

Phil Hall kommentiert: "My brother Hallhammer and I are excited to premiere the animated video for 'Cylinders of Madness!' This video is Hallhammer's very first foray into animation and marks the starting point for a lot of amazing content in the future. This medium opens up a whole new world of possibilities for insane content for Cannabis Corpse! Stay tuned!"

Tracklist: "Nug So Vile"

01. Conquerors of Chronaggeddon
02. Nug So Vile
03. Blunt Force Domain
04. Cylinders of Madness
05. Blasphemy Made Hash
06. Cheeba Jigsore Quandary
07. Edibles Autopsy
08. Dawn of Weed Possession
09. The Cone is Red (Long Live the Cone)
10. The Ultimate Indicantation
11. From Enslavement to Hydrobliteration **BONUS TRACK*