DISPARAGED - "For Those Enslaved"-Album der Schweizer Death-Metaller & Single "Tormented Suicide"

Die 1999 gegründeten Schweizer Death-Metaller DISPARAGED releasen am 13. November ihr neues Studioalbum "For Those Enslaved" über Apostasy Records. Mit "Tormented Suicide" wurde die erste Single daraus veröffentlicht, welche unten angehört werden kann. Die Lyrics zur Single haben wir auch im Netz gefunden und natürlich für euch ebenfalls unten mit der Tracklist angehängt.

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Tracklist: "For Those Enslaved"
01. Cry At Dawn
02. Tormented Suicide
03. Coffin In The Wasteland
04. The Killing
05. Salvation (Re-Recorded 2020)
06. Monsters Of Rock ("Judas Priest"-Cover)
07. Silent Scream / Angel Of Death ("Slayer"-Cover)
08. Bleed For Me (Acoustic - Live At Bar 69)

Tormented Suicide
Evil - words of hate come spilling forth
Spirit- drink the blood and feel the force
Dredged- speak in ancient living tongues
Decay - scream out for blood
I walked alone into the dark
Bleeding heart now torn apart
Sacrifice the dying one
Hell is here nowhere to run
Feel the force inside of me
What's a single kill
Take the power of your hips
As it just seems what is real
You won't take me down again
Tormented suicide
My souls will f*ck with pride
I should try for what it is
In my mind what someone said
Watch the double stench inside
Deny the cross hollow stench
I'm losing my grip on reality
Condemned to dwell in mockery
Death is pulsing from within
Crawling through your sickly skin
Horrid fate to which we're doomed
To leave this life and enter the tomb
Your morbid limbs wither away
As you live your life you decay
I'm a victim of my fears
Washed away with my tears
Through the face of anguish
Of all through the years
A noble feast for those enslaved
A sacred ground of tragic death
Sprits rising from the dead
Kneel down before the lords
The words of fate come smelling forth
Drink the blood and feel the force
Your mind no longer is your own
Being you just feels like home
Horrid fate of which we're doomed
Live this life and enter the tomb
Your morbid limbs wither away
As you live your life you decay
I chose my fate
Walk through the gates into flames of hell
Scream into night upon all deaf ears
Another one comes to be life ending
When then I call on night I'll rip my inner sight